A closer look into the future.

Social network content, location and mobile data, video sensor data, enterprise application data and more are being generated at astounding rates, providing invaluable real-time insight to businesses and brands. In an effort to improve Marketing ROI and optimize business performance for our clients, DCE Clarity‘s expert data strategy team can harness big data to dramatically impact decision-making. We can provide the necessary transformation in both business and IT, by leveraging industry best practices and keen analytic methods. Let us help your brand turn data into insights that solve a variety of challenges for stakeholders company-wide. We empower clients to gather important insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across internal and external data sources, with the experience, skills, and tools needed to derive value from your data.


Data Mining
Database Architecture / Optimization
Data Management / Cleanup
Machine Learning
Predictive Modeling
Advanced Statistical Analysis
Unstructured Data Management
Large Data Volumes
Complex Data Integration
Custom Measurement Projects
Custom Reports
Custom Dashboard Development
Custom Software Development
Bespoke Web Based Applications

Full-Stack Engineering and Consulting
Descriptive Modeling
Measurement & Analytics Audit
Measurement & Analytics Strategy
Test Design
Multi-Channel Reporting
Industry Specific Research
Data Security
QA & Compliance
Software and Hardware Consulting
Robust Advertising Analytics
Web & Social Analytics
Advanced Attribution Technologies
Embedded Analytics



Our team developed a new, dynamic website where the agency shared daily updates on data gathered from local law enforcement regarding traffic-related fatalities. Using real-time data, we were able to establish data trends and deliver a powerful message of awareness about traffic safety statewide, used in marketing and PR campaigns.


Our development team designed a data management system that helped Dominican presidential candidate Danilo Medina foresee his victory in the 2012 national election. We applied custom programming and robust data collection from two dozen precincts (over 6.5MM voters). The application was responsive and securely encrypted, used global positioning tech and was built under strict parameters, producing incredibly accurate results.


For more than two decades, our IT leadership has catered to wide-ranging government agencies by crafting custom data solutions and developing efficient user interfaces for public employees. Applications include welfare benefits management platforms, education data systems, electoral registries, projects for municipal operation and more.