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Instructions for Content Submission

How to use this form

  • Content Type – Select the type of content you want to upload (if you’re not sure, please review the section ‘How do I know my Content Type?’ for a list of frequent examples for each content ype).


  • Content Title – Use a short but specific name to describe the piece of content your are submitting (some examples: ‘Riverside Development‘ or ‘About Page’, or ‘AIA Award 2020‘)


  • Upload all text and Images – you can add files in various formats (.jpg, .png, .pdf). These can include supporting gallery images, featured images, and text files (MS Word) where we can extract information for that content type. Images should be between 1000px and 2000px. If a file is (or group of files) is too big to send through the form, please resize and try again. If you have additional questions, please contact your Account Manager.


  • Additional Notes / Comments – Please add as many details as possible about your requirement. You may add links for reference, or blocks of text (alternatively, you can add documents as an attachment – see below).



Only for Portfolio Projects (Case Studies)


  • Service Category (not required) – specify the type of service that was provided for this case study. If the service is not on the list, mark ‘Other’.


  • Market Category (not required) – specify the market or industry that was served through this project. If the market is not listed, mark ‘Other’.

How do I know my Content Type?

Your content will usually fall into one of the following categories. Although this list is not exhaustive, here’s a quick guide to identify and classify your content type:


For Website Development Projects:


  • Portfolio Projects (Case Studies) – these are individual projects. All portfolio items receive their own page and link with all images, description of the project and are classified by service or market.


  • Website Pages – core content pages that are either standard features or custom sections of your website
    • Homepage
    • About Page
    • Careers Page
    • Contact Page
    • Team Page
    • News Page
    • Technology Page
    • Portfolio Page


  • News Posts 
  • Blog Post
  • Website Page
  • Individual Team Profile
  • Client Logo
  • Testimonials
  • Job Listing
  • CSV File for Upload


For Branding, Production, Advertising and Public Relations Projects


  • Marketing Documents
  • Worksheet
  • Form (Authorization or Release)
  • Other


Unless we have more questions or need additional elements, all content will be uploaded to your development project within 24 hours.

Other Important Instructions

  • This form is designed to centralize all content from our clients in development, and to replace communication via email and other channels. Please use this form for all your content submissions to expedite processing, and ensure efficient and timely delivery. Please note that content submitted to your Account Manager by other methods (email, text, chat, etc.) may be delayed and may be subject to additional processing charges.


  • Keep in mind that the form will only work using your unique link, as the ‘Account’ field will be auto-populated and cannot be edited (if you need us to resend your Request link, please contact us).


  • Please assign authorized members of your team to use this form on your behalf, as all requests entered here will be automatically added to your development project, and will be counted toward the allowance provided in your Scope of Work.


  • Please send a form submission for each Content Type. To process your request more clearly and efficiently:
    • DO NOT submit various content pieces of the same type in the same form submission.
    • DO NOT mix various types of content into one submission.


  • If you have any questions on how to use this form, please contact us. We are always at your service.