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Our media division curates, presents and distributes beautiful content that stirs and inspires. Our company has been producing, editing, and marketing beautiful media properties since 2015. Our portfolio of brands spans from international design and architecture to international travel and lifestyle, to holistic wellness.

IDF by DCE Clarity LLC

Design is everywhere. Design in everyone. Design is everything. International Design Forum is a global community focused on design, architecture, engineering, and creative works, purveying the most innovative trends in interior design, technology, arts, culture, sustainability, and interesting lifestyle concepts from makers and thinkers from around the world.

Work Well Daily by DCE Clarity LLC


Wellness is a life-long journey. Through the Work Well Daily programs, we approach wellness from a broad and holistic viewpoint. Our experiential elements address the physical, social, intellectual, and occupational aspects of wellness, while our media components help our audience address deeper emotional, financial, and spiritual facets. Meanwhile, WWD companies are aware of the importance of environmental wellness and can develop appropriate strategies.

Ballet for Women is a wonderful community to learn, connect, and share the joys of ballet with other inspired women from across the world. With live-stream classes, a beautiful blog for dancers of all levels, and thousand of curated items in our Shop, it’s a wonderful destination for recreational dancers. At BFW it’s never too late for ballet! #womensuportingwomen.

OLIVA Lifestyle by DCE Clarity LLC


For purveyors of the most beautiful things in the world, OLIVA captures the essence of everyday luxuries around the world. Partnering with exquisite brands, our exclusive online shop hosts tens of thousands of curated items, from fashion to furniture, to food, to travel, and more.