In our designated market, DDR’s star property was receiving over 19MM visits a year. However, the high volume of visitors wasn’t effectively converting into sales for their tenants.


“We were brought in to revamp some of their retail spaces by significantly enhancing the consumer’s experience.”


In 2009, Diversified Developers Realty Corp. (DDR) needed help designing and implementing an event and promotions strategy for 5 of their properties, and hired our team of seasoned sponsorship brokers to develop a winning mix of events and develop new business. Together, we created a series of fun family events, the first of which was an ambitious bridal show, held at 5 properties… simultaneously.


“We weren’t just putting on trade shows, we were invigorating the space with opportunities for revenue, introducing a new wave of potential tenants to the properties and giving shoppers an experience much deeper than mere retail therapy.”


We were also invited to bring in new tenants and work together to further their RMU strategy. Covering both retention and new acquisitions, we got a great taste of the retail experience and were honored to work with such a huge name in commercial real estate.