“EAS takes a step into the future.”



EAS Security + IT (EAS Systems, Inc.) is a security company with 20 years of experience installing physical security systems, such as electronic article surveillance systems, CCTV and perimeter monitoring schemes. In 2018, the client ventured aggressively into Data Security, by providing  Data Backup and robust Disaster Recovery solutions to existing and new clients. The highly-specialized service served to create a new revenue stream and gave the firm an edge by addressing the growing cybercrime threat. With our help, EAS also implemented their namesake Service and Maintenance Plan, to deepen relationships and add value for existing clients.


DCE Clarity leveraged several digital channels to grow awareness about data security, generate leads and drive revenue, including SEO, Online Advertising, B2B Email Marketing, and Content Generation. We studied their unique niche and created custom content to add value, add relevance and developed a toolkit for their staff to carry the new core messaging.