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Our partnership with the Puerto Rico Traffic Safety Commission was a substantial project, performed in collaboration with various organizations, including local ad agencies, numerous government agencies and even local law enforcement.



The first phase consisted of hardware and systems consulting, to update many of the communications and operations processes across the agency. Then we moved on to give the commission a much needed website overhaul, delivering a more streamlined and user-friendly experience to millions of consumers. The new site incorporated the agency’s social media channels, and also expressed useful data gathered from a series of partners and collection channels.




“Using real-time data, we were able to establish user trends and deliver a powerful message of awareness about traffic safety statewide.”




One of the foremost objectives of the new website was to serve as a point of communication with their audience, so we efficiently incorporated their news room, live updates, social posts and even gathered statistics from central law enforcement headquarters to offer a daily report of categorized traffic fatalities.