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Instructions for Project Revisions

How to use this form

  • Account Field – This field is automatically populated with your company name. Keep in mind that the form will only work using your unique link, as the ‘Account‘ field will be auto-populated and cannot be edited (if you need us to resend your Request link, please contact us).


  • Project Type – We may be developing one or more project for you. Please select the type of project you are sending your revision for.


  • Revision Files or images – Please add all applicable files for all the revisions you want done to your work product. These can include supporting images, text documents, clippings, screenshots, drawings, etc. If a file (or group of files) exceeds the maximum size allowed (64mb), use the text box provided to copy + paste the LINK to your images using a 3rd party location (e.g. ShareFile, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.). If you have additional questions, please contact your Account Manager.

What Constitutes a Revision?

A round of revisions is defined as the following: a single communication delivered to the Agency on behalf of the Client that contains all necessary changes to be applied to the work product, including:

  • text
  • images
  • size corrections
  • fonts
  • colors
  • layout
  • other graphic elements
  • music
  • animations
  • sequence edits
  • changes in placement or corrections in composition
  • corrections to the audio files
  • changes in editing
  • or other related edits.


These edits must be outlined in a way that is clear for the Agency to perform the work required, and the aceptable formats include text files (e.g. Word or PDF documents); images (including supplemental images, screenshots or drawings in .jpg, .png or .pdf formats); or recordings (audio or video files in .mov, .mp4, .mp3 or .gif formats). Please be aware that in the event that additional reformatting, preparation work, comments, or requests beyond the initial round of revisions are required, you may be subject to billing for additional change order(s), and further hourly rates may be applicable.

What is NOT considered a Revision?


As part of a round of revisions, our team will make ordinary changes based on an existing concept, which does NOT include creating any new work products. Any new work products are subject to additional charges and may require a new proposal and service agreement depending on the extent of the new work produced. In developing a new work product, the Client forfeits the original deposit, as it will be treated as non-refundable.

Other Important Instructions

  • Each Client is given a specific amount of included revisions according to the work product (outlined in your Scope of Work). Any modification (s) beyond the rounds of revisions included for each service item – as specified in the Scope of Work – will be billed at our agency rate of $100 per hour.


  • This form is designed to centralize all revision content from our client accounts and to replace communication via email, text messages, social media, and other channels. Please use this form for all your requests to expedite processing, and ensure efficient and timely delivery. Please note that requests submitted to your Account Manager by other methods (email, text, chat, etc.) may be delayed and subject to additional processing charges.


  • Please assign authorized team members to use this form on your behalf, as all revisions entered here will be automatically added to our queue of Client Tasks and counted toward your revision allowance.


  • If you have any questions on how to use this form, please contact us. We are always at your service.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, doc, docx, Max. file size: 64 MB.