Creative tour de force.

At DCE Clarity, fresh concepts, hard data, client wishes and over a decade of creative experience all come together to the drawing board. With a multi-media arsenal, and through holistic art direction, our Creatives thrive on their unwavering interest in media, the mysterious alliance between the message, the tool and multi-disciplinary design. From websites to sales materials to advertising to PR, every point of communication is an opportunity to shape the perception of our clients’ brand. When there is a clear and strategic definition of the concept, the result is unified messaging and maximum consumer impact.


Logo Design & Iconography
Tagline Development
Style Guidelines (Brand Look and Feel)
Message Strategy & Position
Market Trends Research
Video Production / Editing
Aerial Video
Editorial / Creative Direction
Graphic Design

Print Advertising
Printed Collateral
Promo Items
Ad Production
Mobile App Concepts
Web Design
Packaging & Product Design
Retail / Branded Spaces
Event / Booth Design & Planning



Equipped with imaginative, resourceful and forward-thinking creatives, our agency has catered to many fashion, lifestyle and media clients, through arresting creative work including high-impact fashion photography. We are honored to work under the creative direction of one of Puerto Rico’s most prolific fashion photographers, Jaime G Rivera, for a variety of client needs.


The challenge posed by the client was to design a Campaign Strategy placing ‘Design as a Key Business Tool for Market Leverage’. Our team masterfully outlined a robust Branding and PR Strategy to shine the spotlight on the key players of Pininfarina America, while truly capturing the style and heritage of the Italian brand.


Our team has worked on branding, web design, social media and photography projects for a number of venues in Austin, San Juan, Miami and more. One of our featured branding projects is Oasthouse Gatropub. The creative team designed an identity to represent “upscale casual”, while evoking the rustic quality of its namesake traditional European concept.


Quickly regarded as the most beautiful book in Austin, VETTA Magazine became one of the fastest-growing luxury lifestyle publications in Texas. This proprietary media product was an artful effort from our creative, content and production teams and an exercise in sophisticated, truly cosmopolitan branding.


Our creative team contributed to the branding, editorial content strategy and visual layout of the vibrant print publication. Through breathtaking fashion photography and curated lifestyle content, Versus was a source for uber-stylish stories, capturing some of the most high-profile venues and connecting top brands in Puerto Rico.


We’ve received immense inspiration through opportunities to work with a wonderful group of artists, gallerists and art organizations in different capacities, including branding, web design, event production and marketing, small campaigns and other consulting services.