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We specialize in AEC: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Marketing for local and national firms

We are strategy architects, business development engineers, and brand builders. DCE Clarity LLC is a full-service marketing consulting agency established in 2008, specializing in Commercial Architecture, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) Marketing Consulting. Our team works hard every day to understand and navigate cutting-edge marketing while focusing on the nuances of the design and construction industry. With teams in Austin, TX, and San Juan, PR, we specialize in the strategic presentation of top firms, implementation of strategic B2B growth strategies, and Public Relations work. With a hands-on approach, we can help your company present your projects in a way that is efficient, effective, and sustainable. Our keen service and meticulous attention to your firm and your projects are a testament to our passion for building brands behind great structures.


Trust and partnership


Shifting between Central Texas (the hottest and fastest-growing commercial region in the country) and sunny San Juan, Puerto Rico, our team has earned a long-standing reputation of being trustworthy, accountable, and a true partner to our clients. We welcome your projects and embrace your brand, in hopes of bringing out its true potential. It’s no surprise that clients have become friends, and many businesses have blossomed while partnering with our integrated marketing agency.


Working close to our clients: With on-the-ground teams in Bastrop (Austin Metro) and San Juan (Puerto Rico), we cater to clients in a close and attentive way. We also work remotely with clients in a variety of cities, always going the distance.


Read our reviews: To see some of the recommendations that our team has received, review some of our Managing Partner’s LinkedIn Recommendations.

We know (and love!) design and construction



Passion defines our path. Hard work is embedded in us. You’ll soon discover the wonderful feeling of partnering with a marketing agency that is deeply invested in exploring your needs. We are always working to not only improve our skillset but also constantly explore innovation in our industry. We never stop working.


Our beliefs, coupled with the high expectations of our partners, are the foundation for our work. You cannot partner with someone you do not trust. By strictly adhering to a code of ethics based on values such as honesty, transparency, and respect, we assert ourselves as a trustworthy partner (and in most cases, good friends to our clients).


No one can have a reputation based on what they are going to do. Reputations can only be based on achievement. We stand behind our work and thank our clients for their trust by providing full accountability. As your partner, our marketing agency is responsible for every billable hour, and your success is the only true measure of our own.

Client Success and Reviews

Thank you for 15+ years of amazing partnerships!