3. Start your Onboarding

Download our Client Welcome Packet

The Client Welcome package contains information about your point of contact with us and what to expect form our agency. This short guide will help you set expectation for your team and provide key information other team members might have missed from our previous conversations.

Complete your Onboarding Questionnaires

Your Onboarding Questionnaire is a comprehensive form where we gather information about your requirements, message focus, expectations and goals with your project or campaign. Please be careful and intentional with your answers, as we will use them as the guiding pillars for our Kick-Off Meeting.


Information needed: 

  • Facts about company financials and operations
  • Your market and goals 
  • Information about key contacts in your company (HR, Accounts Payable)
  • Access credentials to your social media profiles
  • Access credentials to your software (email marketing, digital accounts)

Client Profile Questionnaire – this is your first step and it contains 3 sections:

  • Company Profile- Basic Information to be used for all public listings
  • Messaging Strategy – highlighting the key pieces of your communications strategy and goals
  • Points of Contact for your Account
Credit Card Info

If you are engaging us for any of the following services:

  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Digital Ads

We will need to add your credit card to use the appropriate software. We only use your credit card for approved software charges and all clients agree to keep the credit card running on autopay to avoid any disruption in service. Your Account Manager will call you to gather your credit card information and setup all your software tools and digital ad spend. We recommend that you use a virtual credit card only for DCE Clarity and your marketing if you have the opportunity. After this step we do not keep your credit card on file.


Unless otherwise noted, our agency pays for all charges related to these services:

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Events
  • Video and Photo Production
  • Printing and Shipping of Branding Materials

Quotes will be submitted for approval before each purchase. All purchases made on behalf of the client will be billed for reimbursement in your invoice according to your billing cycle.

Complete your Onboarding Questionnaires

You will send us some information about your company through your Client Portal:

  • Company History
  • General Office Images
  • Team Bios
  • Copy of your Job Application Form
  • Client Logos
  • Testimonials
  • News posts
  • Project Images (.jpg or /png) and text descriptions for Case Studies
Schedule your Kickoff Meeting

After all the above steps are completed, use the following link to schedule your Kickoff Meeting. Please allow up to 2 hours for the meeting to have ample time to discuss all the items and information submitted, and make sure that all important decision makers and parties involved in the approval of materials are present at the meeting.